PAMS Pricing

PAMS 4.0 training is needed for anyone who owns the software licence and intends to
use the PAMS 4.0 assessment with families.
Anyone who is PAMS 3.0 trained should be able to use the PAMS 4.0 without further training. For more info click here.

PAMS 4.0 PACK (PC Desktop) - £703 (includes VAT and p&p)

PAMS 4.0 Software is available to download or in CD format.
Each PAMS 4.0 Pack includes the PAMS 4.0 Software (1 PC License), hard copy spiral bound Instruction Book, Parent Booklet and Knowledge Booklet.

Additional PAMS 4.0 DESKTOP SOFTWARE LICENSES (excludes books)
 - £640 (1 PC License including VAT and p&p)   

Our PAMS 4.0 Server Edition is actively used by many UK councils.

Deploying PAMS 4.0 to run from a server saves valuable time on installation and maintenance (applying updates). Our PAMS 4.0 Server license allows usage for a fixed number of concurrent un-named users, giving a wider range of users access to PAMS 4.0 then individual desktop installations.

For more information and pricing on PAMS 4.0 Server please click here.

Many large organisations across the UK and Ireland have PAMS Software Multi User Licenses including Councils, Private Companies and Charities. We offer discounts for 10 or more PAMS Software Licenses.

Please contact us to enquire about PAMS Discounts. (Discounts excludes PAMS 4.0 Server edition).

Additional PAMS 4.0 Booklets:
- Additional Spiral Bound Knowledge Booklet  (£23.00 + £3.99 p&p)
- Additional Spiral Bound Instruction Book  (£23.00 + £3.99 p&p)
- Additional Spiral Bound Parent Booklet 17 + £3.99 p&p)